Sunday, June 17, 2012



  1. Very pretty!! I just love the way you made the butterfly!!!!

  2. Very beautiful work, just love the yellow flower and the blue pedant!!!

  3. Thanks Creative thinker and Mihaela!

  4. Hi Nhi, my name is Otilia and I am doing quilling for almost one year. I admire a lot your work and I am inspired by it. I made a page where I am posting the most beautiful quilling creations around the world and you are one of the persons who create them. I posted some of your works on my page which I created to promote the beauty of quilling, of course with a link to your page, but I want to know if it´s ok for you. If not, just tell me and I will delete all your works from my page. The page is called Most Beautiful Quilling Creations on Facebook. Also you can see what I am creating on my blog: Have a nice week-end.

    1. Hi Otilia, I'm glad you appreciate my quilling artwork and feel honored to be listed on your page. Feel free to post my creations on your page and thanks for referencing me and other original artists, not everyone does this like you. Your page and artwork look great!